Deskbound and bedroom stress busters that could even make you laugh

Laughter is still the best medicine. The exercise remains necessary in order to cope with today’s stress-filled lifestyles. The stress and anxiety that many of us are faced with is not always of our own making. We are faced with ongoing deadlines and the continuous shifting of goalposts. College students face similar pressures, also not of their own making. Their course curriculums, particularly for first year undergraduates, are unreasonably demanding so much so that even the most gifted students find it difficult to manage.

An inventive stress buster or two

Deskbound and bedroom stress busters that could even make you laughTrack posts from this site’s archives and you will more than likely find some effective measures which require a little physical exertion and mental stimulation to help you reduce stress and relax. Other than that, you already know that there are hundreds of self-help guides across the World Wide Web and similarly there are apps designed to help you cope with stress and anxiety. Steve Jobs knew all about feeling anxious, given the challenges he had to face throughout his short but historic life.

But Mr. Jobs was also world-famous for his inventiveness and ability to always think outside the box, coming up with new ideas that no-one dared even explore further, let alone try out. The rest of this post is dedicated to the Apple legend by stressing (pardon the pun) some stress busters which may be worth trying in your bedroom or study every once in a while when you are feeling lonely and cut-off from the rest of the world, even with your Apple to keep you company.

Let it all out

Deskbound and bedroom stress busters that could even make you laughLet’s start with the most hilarious suggestion and end this post with one that will probably give you pleasure if you pull it off. Simply pack a gray, harmless-looking, non-threatening grappling dummy in the corner of your bedroom. Then when you’re really feeling angry and frustrated take it all out on this lop-sided dummy that won’t be able to retaliate. If you really are pressed for time and simply cannot move away from your desk, there’s always a variety of colorful, rubber stress balls in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Instead of listening to the radio, you could always download a recording of your favorite stand-up comedian’s ranting at the world and all the people that make it mindless. Try challenging yourself not to laugh. Invariably, you will fail but you won’t mind. Still the most useful and widely popular release mechanism for stress is walking, so it’s well worth mentioning again.

It’s like counting sheep

The most pleasurable activity may be a little difficult to master at first, particularly if your mind is preoccupied. Simply lie down on the bed for no more than an hour. Because you can’t yet doze off, try counting in your mind all the apps you have on your iPhone or counting all the cities of the world from A to Z. It’s a bit like counting sheep. It may just work for you.

Top 3 IPhone Apps For Gardening

Top 3 IPhone Apps For GardeningWhen the snow thaws, it is time to dust up the gardening tools that have been lying at rest all winter. With the sun shining bright and full and the longer daytime, you can get to work on the yard and the kitchen garden you’d been planning for.

While some love tending to the plants, watering, weeding and keep them in good shape, others like to make a beauty statement with the way they maintain their lawn. For gardening enthusiasts, and those who wish their home to look well-kept and beautiful, here are some apps that will help a lot. And they are free too!

Grow Your Own

This app is for those who are just starting out on their gardening. You can start from the right type of plants to grow in your garden. The app helps you with the right plant selection for every season and the information on which time of the year would be feasible for what phase of gardening including tilling the garden.

Having a proper and efficient tiller is a necessary foundation for getting a nicely planted garden. From planting seeds to harvesting the produce, you will know when to do which part. Information on weeds, pests, and diseases the plants are prone to is also available, so you can keep the plant healthy all through the year.


When you have a sizeable garden, it is difficult to keep track of the plants you have watered and the growth they should be showing. This app helps as a mobile diary, where you jot down notes and even take snaps of the plants and store, so you have everything accounted for. You can make a note of the time you feed, water or identify pests.

The app has a feature called ‘Help Me Choose’, which you can use to find out the right type of plant for your garden in case you are not sure about what to plant. The ‘Learn to Grow’ is a basic feature that gives tips and advice on starting a vegetable or flower garden right from scratch.

The downside in this app includes difficult navigation and inability to title notes. For those who are interested in indoor gardening or for the winter months, when you don’t get enough sunlight or none at all, the LED lights and grow boxes at Plantozoid.Com offer a great way to get the needed growth.

ID weeds

Weeding is the most hated part in gardening. While sowing, watering and other steps are often looked forward to, weeding is a chore everyone avoids. But it is a necessary part of gardening and one which you can do easily with this app.

The app helps you identify the type of weed you have and the ways to remove it completely and permanently from your garden. You get a big list of Latin or common names of weeds. You can describe the weed and the app will readily identify it, give a complete description of the weed and the ways by which it can be eradicated.

The app is very simple and easy to use. Some downsides include difficult navigation, longer time taken for weed identification and the photos being too small to see clearly.

Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch device

The Apple Watch is constructed in an elegant manner, being a compact smart watch. Endowed with a high number of apps, it is also able to both send and receive call via your iPhone. It’s equipped with a solid fitness software. The Apple Watch is worth purchasing and it’s highly recommended. I can share this with you, based on my experience as a buyer of Apple Gadgets. These are the pros I can share with you openly.

As for the cons, it’s worth mentioning that the battery lasts a little more than one day. Both models and configurations have a higher price than expected. It works only with a recent version of iPhone; for instance, iPhone 5.

According to the general opinion, the Apple Watch is known to be extremely ambitious, being the best constructed smartwatch that users have ever seen. Everything about it is at the superlative degree, except for some small inconveniences. Many perceive it as a fashionable toy rather than a necessary tool. The Apple watch is now available for you in three models you can choose from.

As far as I’m concerned, the Apple Watch is my best wrist companion for different activities: phone calls, fitness tracking and communication with all my friends. However, I need an iPhone nearby. I can also use it for message notifications as well as for my fitness hours. In my opinion, it’s fast and efficient. The life of the battery isn’t an advantage for me. It only lasts one full day. Sometimes, I need a charger with me or I must take it off during the night in order to charge it.

The Apple Watch has its own functions and uses, acting like your own personal assistant. It has been helping me stay tightly connected. Nevertheless, I still use my iPhone more than it’s necessary. In my opinion, the Apple Watch has a lot of potential which could be realized in the future. It’s also expensive and works with a limited version of iPhones.

The Apple Watch functions include several variables such as communication, information, time and fitness. I can receive messages from all my friends and send long-distance hugs to them. It monitors even my heart beat.

It has a rectangular form, looking like a fine jewelry. It has also a smooth and beautiful move. I can navigate by both swiping and tapping the display. It has both speaker and microphone included. So, it looks great, as all the efforts show, transforming it in a beautiful bunch.

I can manage all notifications individually as I do on my iPhone. Voice recognition is wonderful, more surprising than I would expect. I am also fond of its small display. There are many apps compatible with the Apple Watch. These apps get very easily updated, which is nice. You can also check at a glance battery life, calendar appointments as well as your daily fitness. The pros are more significant than the cons, which makes of it a great product to purchase.

10 iPhone Apps You Should Have

10 iPhone Apps You Should Have

There are, for sure, 10 iPhone apps you consider essential and worthy to be downloaded. These apps cover some basic functions such as finding information, getting directions, entertaining yourself and so on.

Choosing ten iPhone apps is however difficult because there are thousands of good apps and hundreds of excellent ones. Its apps make the iPhone the most powerful device, and it is up to you to use and test them.  Let us discover together the 10 IPhone apps available to you, taking into account the following recommendations.

Downcast includes features, essential options in the Settings as well as a lovely interface.

EasilyDo saves precious moments for you each day. It manages the simple tasks you have after leaving the office later than normal. Endowed with many capabilities, EasilyDo is a must-have app.

Evernote is known as an amazing service and a unique tool for your personal use. It can be integrated with many other iPhone apps. It helps you stay organized, keep track of ideas and write down everything you have in mind, doing the heavy lifting for you.

Gmail is for free, searching your email easier and faster than other pre-installed mail app. It is extremely smooth, fast, supporting multiple accounts.

Google Maps is for free, being the most used app for your iPhone. You can search for addresses and obtain directions in real time. An improvement that you would like to see for sure is its integration with saved map locations; still, Google Maps remains the best service an iPhone owner might have.

Last Pass let you unlock your iPhone in order to log into websites automatically with the help of your fingerprint. It is both safe and smart because you do not have to remember a specific password.

Mint is for free, helping you check your bank account, your balance as well as your financial situation. Unlocking the Mint app, you are allowed to see pending transactions, account balances as well as the remaining amount of money. Mint is the best tool for you to keep an eye on your finances.

Monument Valley introduces you in the fantastic world of mobile games. If you do not have a game to play on your iPhone, Monument Valley is your answer.

SwiftKey is the one to install custom keyboards that should work for you. This app is for free; however you might pay extra features.

Weather Underground is for free, presenting hyper-local information in an interface which is both simple and customizable. This app provides information about high and low temperatures. It presents the data in graphs, numbers, radar maps as well as the wind direction. This is the best weather app, which gives you accurate updated reports.

IPhone apps are essential for any of you; that is why, you should download them to work for your iPhone. I have written about the 10 iPhone apps that are applicable to your iPhone. If you have further suggestions as far as iPhone apps are concerned, you can share them with us.

Best 10 Apple Gadgets of All Time

Best 10 Apple Gadgets of All Time

Apple is famous for its hit products which have been released over the last decades. Here are the 10 best Apple gadgets of all times. I have made a thorough description of these Apple products, highly rated in time.

APPLE II (1977)

Apple II, an improved version of Apple I, was introduced to the public in spring 1977. The Apple II was a real boom among personal computers and therefore, Apple took the lead, becoming one of the best personal computer makers.

The central processing unit was using a MOS 6502 chip, coming with 4 KB RAM, which could have been extended to 48 KB RAM. The Apple II was equipped with a basic interpreter, being able to support graphics in addition to a color monitor.

The most important features of the Apple II included 8 expansion slots positioned on the motherboard.


The original Mac mini was accessible in January 2005. Moreover, in late 2005, Mac mini had 64 MB of VRAM within a 1.5 GHz model, being an improved model as compared to other minis. The Mac mini was an Apple model without a keyboard or a mouse.

However, buyers could plug in both USB keyboard and mouse. The Mac mini was expandable.  Memory could be expanded to 1 GB. Users were able to connect the Mac mini to TVs that used both S-video and composite video.

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Tools and Apps – Strange Bedfellows

Tools and Apps – Strange BedfellowsApps, apps and more apps. We are being inundated with apps for our phone, our computer, our tablets and even our watches. It’s an app-crazy world. It seems that people must have something to either play with or help them in their everyday lives to alleviate boredom. You can have appointment apps on your phone to make sure you are where you’re supposed to be at the right time. Still, people are late? Why? Because these days you can call whoever is waiting for you from your mobile and say “Sorry, I’m running late!” You could never do that years ago so people were more inclined to be on time.

I have an Apple iPad myself. It comes pre-loaded with apps, only half of which I have ever used. I have downloaded a few other apps, but games? Nope. I can’t seem to find the time to be sitting around playing games on my device. My smartphone is never connected to the internet and I use it for two things; making and receiving calls and sending and receiving texts. Actually three things. I use it to tell the time.

I have a work shed at home and in which I have my own form of apps – tools. I have tools for every conceivable job. I have an electric drill, a planer, a hand grinder and a bench grinder, a wood lathe, a heat gun, an electric screwdriver, a laser tape measure, a sander, an impact drill, a nail gun and a soldering iron. I think I have a few others but I can’t remember. The same goes for people with 100 apps on their devices. They can’t remember which ones they have and only probably use 4 or 5 consistently.

All my workshop tools are for physical activity. All apps are for amusement, non-physical. Did you know you use the same system to buy good hand tools as you do to download an app? It’s true. If I want an app for my iPad, I go to the app store and look around. Then I find some apps I might like. I check them out by looking at the reviews.

How do I buy tools? Same deal. Check them out on the internet, find the one I am looking for with the performance and accessories I need and then read the reviews. Websites like this do the same job as an app review.

People who have used the item are asked to write something about it and you get to read the good and the bad. Here’s another similarity. If the app is free and you liked the reviews, you can download it and try it. If I like a tool review, I go to the local hardware store and check the item out physically. What you see is what you get. If you don’t like the app you can delete it. If I don’t like the look of the tool, I can choose not to buy it and find another one.

They are even making musicals about the legend

Steve Wozniak

Because he continues to leave such an indelible impression on most Americans as well as Apple fans across the world, these days they are even producing off-Broadway musicals about the legend of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. We happen to think that this is quite ridiculous. We are not quite sure what he would make of such tributes, but perhaps we could ask Steve Jobs’ long-suffering partner, Steve Wozniak, what he would make of this, that is, if we could just get hold of him. You could very well refer to Steve Wozniak as the silent partner during the founding, development and evolution of Apple Inc. and all its successes.

Let’s talk about the other Steve

Don’t forget that no matter how mobile you are, you never need to be left out of the loop. Now, by mobile we were not referring to our familiar territory, but more to being mobile in transit. For instance, Motorcyclist Life will explain how it is possible for you to equip yourself with a Bluetooth helmet. Apart from listening to the radio while driving to work, you could also be listening to an inspirational recording from one of the many stories told about Steve Jobs and the legacy he left us with.

Speaking of being left out of the loop, we are a little disappointed that Wozniak generally keeps a low profile, even at the best of times. Although it must be said that on more than one occasion, Steve Wozniak has always been one of the first high-profile innovators and entrepreneurs to put his hand up and discuss contentious issues or a worthy cause. The recent onslaught against the potential dangers highlighted within the robotics industry is a good case in point.

Legendary values on how to live life

Steve Wozniak just happened to place his name alongside other greats such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. No doubt, his former friend and business partner, Steve Jobs would have done the same, particularly when you consider his philosophies on life. Admittedly (and Wozniak will tell you this), Steve Jobs was not the easiest of men to get along with. But his values on clean living, greening the environment and ethics in general remain legendary.

For those that missed that big story to which Wozniak lent his name to, we’ll close off today’s post with a recap and thoughts on this event afterwards. The dangers highlighted by the acclaimed petitioners had a lot to do with androids being developed and manufactured, quite literally, into dangerous fighting machines, taking the place of conventional soldiers and with the ability to fire long range weapons far more destructive than those that ‘human’ soldiers would normally be required to do.

Although Wozniak and his partners never focused on this, there’s also the other sobering problem of robots replacing humans in many other areas of work. But as Wozniak and Jobs would argue, the onus is on humankind to develop themselves without the danger of being replaceable.

Our Personal Favorite Sport Activities & Hobbies and Best Their Apps

Our Personal Favorite Sport Activities and Hobbies

Whether your hobby is playing sports, or watching other people play sports, there’s an app out there to keep you connected and up to date. Here are some of the best sport and hobby apps for players and fans alike.

Hiking Apps

MapMyHike GPS Hiking

The MapMyHike app uses your phone’s GPS to track your route, the time it took you to complete it, and even the number of steps you took. The app also allows you to track your weight, calories you burn, and hours of sleep you get, so it is perfect for people trying to lose weight who want all their stats right at their fingertips. You don’t even have to be a hiker to benefit from this app. It can also be configured for cycling, running, walking, cross training workouts, and many other fitness activities.

AllTrails Hiking & Mountain Biking

The AllTrails Hiking app lets you search over 500,000 trails complete with site descriptions, pictures, maps, reviews and effort ratings. You can save your favorite trails for a quick recall or, if you’re a little bit more adventurous, you can create your own trail maps and share them with the community of over 3 million hikers currently using the app. Like similar hiking apps, AllTrails Hiking allows you to track your speed, distance, and elevation during a hike, and lets you follow friends for trail ideas and ratings.

Archery Apps


The ArrowNautics app is more than just an archery score calculator. It allows you to customize, print, and e-mail scoresheets, create separate profiles for all the archers on your team, and automatically rank all archers on your preferred statistic. Take the boring, complicated math out of archery scoring with ArrowNautics!

Dartfish Express-Video Analysis

The Dartfish app is a must-have for coaches, and athletes wishing to improve their technique. The app allows you to film your specific sport skill, playback the video in slow-motion, compare two videos side-by-side, and even measure body angles and movement time. This app is invaluable for athletes in precision sports who need to streamline their technique to be as efficient as possible.

Boxing Apps

Boxing Trainer

This app is helpful for those just getting into boxing as a form of fitness. Coach Michael the Boxer will guide you through stretches, and boxing fundamentals before allowing you to customize your own workout with the number of rounds, length of rounds, rest periods, and intensity. No equipment is needed!

Fight Trainer

The Fight Trainer app lets you entirely customize your own boxing or martial arts workout. Everything from the frequency of the different techniques, to the number of rounds, to the ratio of attack moves to defense moves is in your hands. The app will then randomly generate workouts so you’re never stuck doing the same combinations at every training session. It is useful for boxing training as the sport is not about memorizing routines, but about staying light on your feet and being ready for anything your opponent throws at you.

Running Apps

Couch To 5K Runner

This app gets you running a 5K in 8 weeks, even if you’ve never run before! Progressive running plans led by an audio coach build up your stamina during easy to follow sessions. The ability to earn badges and share your progress on social media makes it easy and fun to stay on track. The app works with your music library or a number of music apps. A must-have for those just getting into the world of running.

Zombies, Run!

The ultimate fitness app for the horror fan, or people who are only motivated to work out when they are being chased by flesh-eating monsters. This running app immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. It guides you through an audio drama where you have to collect supplies and rebuild your basecamp while dodging hoards of the undead.

Baseball Apps At Bat

This app provides baseball fans with videos, stats, live scores, and analyses of all MLB teams at the touch of a button. The app even lets you re-watch any game from the previous season, as well as classic games from the MLB archives.

Zepp Baseball

A great app for improving your baseball swing. The app lets you record your swing, watch it in slow-motion, and compare it side-by-side to professional baseball and softball players. Adding a Zepp sensor to your bat allows you to track your speed, time to impact, and bat angles, as well as receive personalized training tips based on your specific stats.

Basketball Apps


No sport-lover’s phone is complete without this app! Follow NBA, and NCAA basketball (and many, many more sports) all season with theScore’s official app.

Basketball Drillbuilder

Create, download, and share animated drills and plays for tons of basketball fundamentals. This virtual playbook lets you do away with the whiteboard and easily create practices and game-plays on your mobile device.

Soccer Apps

The Official FIFA app

Get news, photos, live updates, and results from all FIFA match-ups right on your phone. Perfect for keeping up with your favorite team while you’re stuck at the office.

Sportsy- Soccer Drills and Training

Coach a winning team with this training app. Choose from hundreds of drills and challenges to help improve your team’s performance. The app comes complete with high-definition videos, training plans, and the ability to track each player’s progress through challenges.

Football Apps

Official NFL app

Find everything you need to know about the NFL season in this app. Follow scores, highlights, news, stats, and even live features.

Football Blueprint

This app is the only football coaching app you will ever need. It contains drills and plays for every level of competition, with step-by-step instructions, videos, and diagrams. Create custom practice drills, and game-plays right on your tablet, then e-mail the plans to your team for easy, comprehensive training.

Swimming Apps

Stroke Builder

This app makes getting the perfect swimming stroke a breeze. It allows you to watch videos on proper body and head position, breathing, hand entry, kicking, and much more. For intermediate swimmers, the app has a section on common stroke faults and how to fix them, as well as a number of drills, and tips for the perfect stroke.

Speedo Fit-Swim Fitness

Log all your swims and track your progress with this app made specifically for swimmers. You’ll be able to set goals, and track your progress from swim-to-swim. You can also connect with other swimmers through the app, or post your successes to Facebook and Twitter. The app comes complete with how-to videos, technique tips, and even a pool finder in certain regions.

Cycling Apps

Cyclemeter GPS

The Cyclemeter app lets you track your speed, total ride time, distance, calories burned and many more statistics. You can save unlimited workouts and view charts comparing your stats across rides. Compete against yourself or view others’ stats. The app synchs across all your devices via iCloud for easy analysis.


Like similar cycling and running apps, Strava lets you record all your stats and track your routes with your phone’s GPS. Strava comes with a vast community of cyclists. The app lets you follow friends and connect to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also has a variety of challenges for you to join to help you improve your cycling. You’ll be able to view your own stats, as well as those of your friends, people in the area, and even professionals to see how you compare. It even allows you to filter leaderboards by age and weight to get an accurate idea of your own ranking.

No matter what your sport obsession there is an app to help you follow your favorite team, improve your technique, or coach your team to victory!

You’re Not a Real Car Enthusiast Unless You Have These Apps

mercedes-841465_640Cars are among man’s best inventions. Aside from its practical uses, they have long been a status symbol.

Every country and every generation will have an elite circle of hobbyists that has one passion – the love for cars. Car enthusiasts look forward to driving the latest car model and bragging about their vast knowledge of cars. Their enthusiasm for cars is simply admirable, and perhaps, developers have created the following apps to acknowledge their tireless passion.

  1. Kanetix

Among the most important things for car enthusiasts is the car insurance. Unfortunately, choosing and comparing different car insurance quotes is never a walk in park. There are just a lot of insurance providers which makes picking the best one a daunting task. With Kanetix Car Insurance app, you can get quotes specifically for your car. This app allows you to scan the model information and VIN number of your car which you can use to get an accurate quote. Quotes are presented in an organized way, with very readable numbers and price figures. The quotes are sorted out from lowest to highest, so you can choose which coverage you qualify for.


  1. AccuFuel

With highly unpredictable fuel prices, fuel efficiency is king. AccuFuel provides an accurate info about your car’s fuel mileage. It is very user-friendly. You simply have to log your mileage and when the car sends off the “E” alert, the app quickly diagnoses whether your car is still fuel efficient or not. It can help you track your diving habits and car’s fuel efficiency. Couple it with energy efficient car accessories, such as the different LED lights reviewed at LightBarLand, to increase your fuel efficiency and further cut fuel costs.


  1. RepairPal

Have you ever felt being overcharged by a car mechanic? When it comes to car repair, pricing is often a point of debate between the car owner and the mechanic. But with RepairPal, a malicious mechanic can’t charge you beyond the fair price. This app tells provides you what the average price is for each car part and type of repair. Moreover, it allows you to track the repairs done and gives you a list of local mechanic. In case of any car problems, a car mechanic will just be a click away. If you want accessories installed, like the Whelen Light Bars which looks good on a 4×4 truck, you can certainly get pricing rates with this app.


  1. Waze

A real car enthusiast must know the local traffic routes and the best ways to get to a destination. Waze is a crowdsourced GPS navigation app. It provides a real-time, accurate update on road traffic thus you can avoid or get out of a jam with ease.


From car insurance policy review apps to car repair pricing apps, these four apps are specifically developed to make your car hobby easier, more fun, and more social. So, are do you consider yourself a car enthusiast? Does your iPhone have any of these apps?

Some more things you can see do and learn from your apps

We have heard more than enough from old-fashioned folks who have stubbornly refused to embrace modern technologies as modest as your very own mobile device and the growing bouquet of apps that you’ve downloaded over the months. They have been telling us for a lot longer than we would have liked that tech devices and all its appurtenances inherently make us stupid. They were, sad to admit, partially correct. Still to this day, many folks, spoilt for choice, merely use their devices to stubbornly stifle boredom.

Using apps saves you time

The question has to be asked; why were they bored in the first place. Before we go on to the more important business of yet more things you can see, do and learn from the apps on your phones, picture and ponder this scenario. Two young women are sitting on a transit bus. One impresses immeasurably while the other could just as well be another gossip monger. It depends on your summation. The one girl has a tome neatly folded open over her lap. She is reading.

The other girl is doing what is known elsewhere as ‘phubbing’. No-one to talk to or relate to, she is scrolling and sliding, looking for live conversations to feed off. Had she known, she could have been teaching herself origami or practicing how to play a trumpet by following the notes from The Trumpet Hub’s Intermediate Reviews. She did not need to have a heavy book either, so she could have been reading a best-seller or classic as well. You know this well because you can relate. People are forgiven for not being able to do constructive things traditionally because they are mostly pressed for time for reasons both good and bad.

Using apps saves you money

The darling little mobile phone and its myriad apps is an astute and timely compensator. Because you have dinner to prepare when you get home, you could be watching the evening news or scrutinizing a new recipe from your phone while still on the bus. If you are a budding trumpeter or guitarist, you could be scrolling through guides and visiting specialist websites such as this one to learn how and what to get.

You could even be studying for your college degree. We close this post with a few more purposeful benefits of mobile apps (and not their pitfalls).

As a visual interface, you are able to browse movies and/or TV shows and decide whether you want to watch them later. If you do, you are now able to stream shows (at a small cost) rather than download them expensively. As a business communications device, you are also able to arrange live video conferences with associates who are located far from you. The expensive cost of travelling long distances is eliminated entirely.

Using apps gets you into college

Finally, more colleges and universities have opened their doors to people who previously could never gain entry, mainly due to lack of affordability. Flexible and affordable programs can now be accessed through one small app. And one more thing; continue to use your tools optimally and not as a useless and expensive toy.

Top 6 Fishing Apps For Landing a Great Catch

Having technology to aid you while you go fishing is a wise thing to do whether you are into it full time or do it as a hobby. Several great mobile apps for fishing have come up which give anglers useful pointers as they fish, helping them to land a big catch easily and safely. Here are some of the top apps you should know about, if you are planning on a fishing trip.

Orvis Fly Fishing

The Orvis Ultimate Fly Fishing guide app is an all-inclusive fishing app that meets your fishing needs completely. Fly casting instructions, animated guide, video and step-by-step instructions for everything from tying knots to field fishing guide, and many more can be found in this app. It also contains information on the top 50 flies used in saltwater and 100 flies for trout. It is an app to have whether you are a novice or professional.


This app is for those who are looking for data on species, waterways, and facts on fishery, boat ramps, tips and more. The interactive map this app provides enables all these information and this is a free option too. While you are out fishing, using a top quality-fishing kayak gives you an added edge to your fishing. When coupled with the app and fishing gear you can very well enjoy a great fishing trip. Furthermore, the app also lets you mark your catch, view and track it on your phone.

First Mate

This app provides all information related to saltwater fishing. You can find weather forecasts, weather radar in color for clear distinction, barometric pressure, feeding times, and tide charts for any place you are in. This way you can plan for the trip in advance with the information you have and the app has tracking catches feature, which further adds to its advantage.

IGFA mobile

If you are looking to set new records with your fishing, this app is the best option. It lets you search for angling records worldwide. You can plan your fishing trips, find out the area for best catch, track the catches, and even find the nearby weighing station. The app also has other normal fishing tips and information, so when you sail in an efficient fishing kayak have a peek here, along with this app, you are sure to set new records and revel in it.

Navionics Boating US& Canada

This app has detailed sonar and nautical charts, distance information, markers, routes and forecasts on the windfalls. You can record the speed, distance, and tracks in the app and review the information later on. There is a free version available, which you can try out before making the purchase.

Fishing Calendar

This app as the name suggests has a prediction calendar that points out the best times for fishing. This helps increases your probability of landing a catch. For a particular location, you can track as well as share the catches you make, and integrate this app with maps for more detailed information.

Top apps for your aquarium

Owning an aquarium is not an easy task. You need to know that having an aquarium is associated with some amount of safety and health risks, as having any other pet animal. But the risks are very low with an aquarium. Keeping the aquarium in good condition and ensuring the fish are healthy and free from stress are sufficient mostly. For detailed information, on how to maintain your aquarium best, there are numerous aquarium apps available now. Here is a list of some of the important ones.


This is for iPhone and iPad and is the sole app with a maintenance schedule for aquarium at the App Store. You get unlimited notifications, graphing, equipment, water analysis entries and various other features. The notifications are for a single aquarium, while alerts are given up to 20 and 10 each of equipment pieces and inhabitants are provided.


To maintain an aquarium, you need to be organized, and carry out the usual tasks routinely. This is vital to maintain the aquarium successfully. It is necessary to ensure that the parameters of the fish tank are kept optimal and any change in the colour, growth or health of fish should be noted. Using capable tank filters such as Canister Filters help in being up to date on the maintenance. In case you find any problem with the fish and want to know the cause behind it rather than jogging your memory on the activities, you had done or neglected, you can use the app to help know the cause behind the issue. This app is hence the right choice for aquarists both professional and amateurs.

Aqua Tracker

This iPhone and iPad app helps track the parameters in saltwater aquariums. You can find out the pH level and the levels of Nitrate, Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrites, Alkalinity, Salinity, Temperature, Ammonia, Phosphates, and Nitrogen in your aquarium. Additionally you can also track other parameters you want to for your aquarium’s maintenance.

My Aquarium Logger

This logging app is for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. You can log details including equipment, parameters, livestock, dosing, maintenance, and others. It is also possible to link photos to the fish, coral, or aquarium and track the growth. It is also possible to back up data in your SD card. You can restore it too. As far as proper maintenance of aquarium is concerned, you need to have an efficient aquarium filter that performs a full-fledged filtration.

My Reef Buddy

This is solely for a saltwater aquarium. It can be used in a fish only tank or a tank with saltwater reef. You can search for pertinent information on corals, fish, etc. The GPS present helps in finding the nearest store selling saltwater fish. The app also features feeding, changes in GFO, water changes and many more.

Nativnux Aquarium Logger

Keeping paper records of your aquarium can be quite a tedious job. This app makes your logging task easier. You can keep track of the observations and measurements and check on the aquarium history easily. The app has a basic action set with which you can edit and add or delete.

New apps that enhance your beauty

With apps being designed for virtually anything, it is not surprising that there are apps for beauty and skin care. You can find numerous apps that range from teaching you the art of applying makeup to ordering a beauty specialist right to your home. Let us see the various beauty apps that are making the rounds now among smartphone users.

The Glam App

This app is founded by Joey Maalouf, the famous makeup and celebrity artist, blogger and actor Cara Santana. The app has links with various beauty artists including stylists, nail technicians and other makeup services ensuring you can get them delivered at your doorstep with a single touch. Your beauty care needs including manicure, up do or any other need can be met with easily with this app. However, the app has tie ups with beauty specialist in Orange County, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Dallas only. But you can choose the beauty care on any budget suitable for you.


This is a sophisticated skin care app. It offers appointment with certified dermatologists. You can share information, photos, and other issues you face with your skin via this app. From acne breakouts to rashes, you can get remedies including prescriptions and treatment plan within 24 hours. For proper skin care tips and advanced skin care treatment, you can also visit


This is an ideal app for those who need a thorough pampering session. This app helps you order services such as yoga instructor, personal trainer, masseuse, hairstylist, makeup artist and manicurist right to your home. It is also possible to order more than one service at a time. This service is available in Los Angeles and New York at present. The service is fast and delivered within one hour or booked in advance for up to two days.

Keep Shopping

This is for those who are ultra-conscious about maintaining their beauty. This is a shopping app that has a mobile universal cart using which you can shop all types of branded popular beauty products including CVS, Chanel and Sephora. The seamless shopping app also helps you know about the latest beauty products in the market.


When you load your selfie on this app, it analyses the picture and comes up with a customized beauty profile. It gives an accurate assessment of the eye care, skin care and beauty regimen you need to follow. To have a beautiful and glowing skin free of blemishes and scars using advanced skin care products such as New Spa Home Skincare Portable Diamond Dermabrasion machine is a good choice..

Misfit Shine

This fitness and beauty app works through the fitness tracking Misfit watches. You can monitor your daily activity levels, amount of calories you eat in a day and your sleeping pattern, so you can set the right target for your diet, exercise, and sleep routine. This is an innovative app that has an all new sleep tracker, which has a smart alarm so you are well rested and energized by maintaining the right sleep schedule. The food-tracking feature of the app helps in logging the amount of calories you eat daily and makes the right choices for you.

You Ain’t A Foodie Unless You Have Any of These Apps

You Ain’t A Foodie Unless You Have Any of These AppsWhoever said that the kitchen is the last stronghold of the book, and that computers and gadgets won’t be able to get through the steamy walls of the kitchen, was bound to be wrong!

Around four in ten people now use digital media as their cooking resource. These mobile gadgets are fast replacing enormous cookbook collection, and they are actually heaven-sent. With just one click, you can access recipes you never thought existed. While these gadgets have tons of benefits, mobile phones may also have a few disadvantages such as they don’t take easily being splattered with oil or sauce. Perhaps, you just have to be careful not to drop it on the pan or the meat grinder – you know what will happen. Speaking of meat grinder, you might want to check out this site, Meat Grinder Adviser, to know more about its different brands and models.

Cooking apps range from tutorials designed for beginners to advanced recipe apps that pros will love. There are also apps that will unburden you of the boring bits of cooking: making a shopping list, calculating ingredients, measuring and scaling up, and everything that has got to do with math!

Here’s a quick run on some of the popular apps every foodie and wannabe chefs should have in their gadgets:

Big Oven is a powerful app that works both as a recipe book (with over 250,000 recipes) and a meal planner. Schedule your dishes easily with this app.

  • Food Network in the Kitchen

Learn how to cook your favorite chef without sitting through the network’s 30-minute program. The app has thousands of recipes catalogued neatly based on the food type, chef, course, and other filters.

Avoid spoiling produce with the help of this app. Know helpful information about different fruits and vegetables commonly found in your fridge: from recipes to nutrition facts to storage.

  • Paprika Recipe Manager

As straightforward as its name, this app simplifies your life in the kitchen. It allows you to search and organize your recipes, including ingredients. You can catalogue them in folders or lists. You can also sync all of your recipes on nearly any gadget. One of its great features is it allows offline access.

  • Webber’s On the Grill App

If you love grill-prepared meals, then this one is perfect for you. You have a choice of over 300 different grill recipes, plus how to prepare the dish. The app likewise offers instructional videos.

  • Escoffier App

This app derives its name from a famous 18th-century French chef, Auguste Escoffier. With its multiple measurement converters and kitchen timers, Escoffier App is a must for both newbie and master chefs. It is packed with information and tools to help you begin cooking including how to operate basic kitchen equipment. You’ll probably find useful tips on how to use your meat grinder.

There are thousands of apps you can find at the App Store. It’s never difficult to find one that best suits your kitchen habits and needs!

Hand to eye co-ordination exercises that help you focus

Hand to eye co-ordination exercises that help you focusMost iPhone and iPad users will correctly argue that they have very good hand to eye co-ordination. They have had hundreds of hours of practice through regular use of their Apple devices. But does this mean that they have an above average ability to focus on all other work-related tasks? Can they truly say that they are able to put their unique set of body to eye co-ordination skills to the test in other real life situations and pass with flying colors?

Introspection away from your desk

This question is up for debate, so regular Apple users are more than welcome to add to the discussion here. Anyway, it could be argued that persistent use of smart devices won’t necessarily guarantee everyone’s ability to focus the mind and enhance their abilities to concentrate. Let’s be honest, most of the time spent using apps is deliberately designed to take our minds off the ball every once in a while.

And because most of us work with PC’s and other Apple products, it’s also necessary for us to tear our mind’s eye away from our treasured tools as well. This means getting away from our workstations and on our feet. Time and space does not allow us to mention all or most of the best hand to eye co-ordination exercises that deskbound professionals could try, so this post will end by just mentioning a few introspective and choice suggestions.

Not many folks can say they’ve tried picking up a stock-mounted crossbow or mini crossbow and then tried shooting a bull’s eye out in the open. They may well have tried this on one of their favorite game consoles but it is clearly not the same thing, is it?

Follow Steve’s example

Hand to eye co-ordination exercises that help you focusUnlike target practice, photography or the use of a good pair of binoculars does not require any physical exertion but is extremely useful in improving hand to eye co-ordination. What happens is that the mind must focus (pardon the pun once more) on creating the right image projection while viewing the targeted subject. As a hobby, bird-watching (not shooting) is ideal and pleasurable, particularly if you are a lover of nature. If you are not yet familiar with your natural surroundings, try emulating the marvelous example set by the late Steve Jobs.

On the surface, this important exercise may not seem a likely aid towards improving hand to eye co-ordination. But regular and proper stretching exercises do work, and if done correctly as recommended, there will be minimal physical exertion.

Figuratively speaking, take your eyes out

Finally, because most of us are so used to keeping our eyes busy scanning interfaces for long periods of time, it remains difficult for us to give the only pair of eyes we have a complete break. While yoga also helps the rest of the body, try taking your tired eyes to the art gallery every once in a while. Give it something pleasurable to focus on before going back to work.

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